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Tammi 2017

The hotly-anticipated second novel from acclaimed, bestselling thriller The Angels of Hammurabi and Debut Thriller of the Year Award 2016 winning author, Max Seeck  

A dark, tightly-plotted psychological thriller for fans of Lee Child and Robert Ludlum featuring a plot that will appeal to fans of Dan Brown's conspiracies and the ruthlesness of Stieg Larsson.  

"Previously-assumed dead and now fugitive Finnish diplomat, Jare Westerlund has fled Croatia on a forged Swedish passport, leaving behind a decapitated corpse and a trail that goes cold in Stockholm. Interpol agent Annika Lehto resumes her chase of the fugitive with Daniel Kuisma, who has been awaiting trial on war crimes charges relating to the vengeful Angels of Hammurabi. As the chase resumes across international borders - from remote Norway to San Francisco, and The Hague - and as the duo close in on their quarry, the more they are convinced of his true nature and the monster that lives within him.
Mephisto’s Touch is an explosive standalone follow-up to Seeck’s acclaimed debut, The Angels of Hammurabi, taking readers on a manhunt, and in to the deep, dark layers of a psychopath’s mind.

“A deeply atmospheric debut.” – Radio Helsinki / “Exceptionally refined.” – Debut Thriller of the Year Award jury"  

(Description by Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency )  

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